IOTA station 7I1TI – OC-237

7I1TI IOTA station ORARI Daerah Banten -OC237

Tunda, is a small island located in the Java Sea, which is north of Banten Bay. Administratively, this island is included in the area of Kabupaten Serang, Banten. The area of Tunda Island is around 300 hectares. In 2007, the population of Tunda Island reached 3000 people. Administratively, in Tunda Island there is 1 village, Wargasara Village. The name of the village is interpreted as a village whose citizens obey the law, Wargasara is a village name given by the deceased community leader at that time named H. Mohammad Toha who served as village head. This village consists of 2 hamlets namely West Village and East Village. The occupations of the villagers are generally fishing laborers, palawija farming, and a small part as intermediary traders.

ORARI Daerah Banten, 7I1TI, an IOTA station , #IntroducingIndonesiaNewPrefix, will QRV IOTA from 6 until 8 September 2019 on Tunda Island, OC-237 Java Coastal Island, Grid Loc OI34DE. All HF Bands, all modes

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